UMF® stands for Unique Mānuka Factor, an internationally recognised quality trademark that guarantees the quality and purity of New Zealand Mānuka honey.

Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey is a licensed member of the UMFHA (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association), an independent organisation set up to protect the integrity of Mānuka honey, which assure consumers that they are buying genuine, high quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand. As Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey meets the high standards required by the UMFHA, we are permitted to use both the UMF® trademark and the UMF® scale.

Most importantly, the UMF® trademark helps to distinguish real authentic Mānuka honey from the many counterfeit products available. The UMF Honey Association requires members to participate in a strict high-quality testing regime, in accredited laboratories, that covers the distinct chemical markers found in Mānuka honey. The UMF Honey Association itself performs random sampling to ensure that Mānuka honey is certified, compliant, true to label and can be trusted. A higher concentration of these chemical markers results in a higher UMF® rating, for example our most premium product, UMF® 20+.

Our membership of the UMFHA is the most reliable way for consumers to have peace of mind that they are buying true, pure, authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey. Every batch of Bella New Zealand Manuka is independently analysed and certified for purity, quality and authenticity by the UMF Honey Association.

Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey is UMF® certified, and is available in UMF® 5+, UMF® 10+, UMF® 15+, and UMF® 20+.

How does the UMF rating compare to MGO™?

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of other systems of measuring Mānuka honey. The UMF® scale and testing is considerably more comprehensive.

As a market approximation, below is a UMF® vs MGO™ conversion guide:

UMF® 5+ has a minimum MGO™ rating of 83
UMF® 10+ has a minimum MGO™ rating of 261
UMF® 15+ has a minimum MGO™ rating of 514
UMF® 20+ has a minimum MGO™ rating of 829