Clean, Pure, Sustainable Manuka Honey

Certifying Where our Manuka Honey Comes From

Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey is committed to providing assurances to our global customers of our purity and authenticity of our honey as well as our food safety and premium quality. We bring you our very special, premium honey, from our family to yours, as a gift from nature.


Bella New Zealand Mānuka Honey is a licensed member of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) which grants the use of the UFM™ scientifically certified mark used on our honey. The UMF™ quality trademark is internationally recognised and guarantees our quality and purity, which gives consumers confidence that they are buying genuine Mānuka honey.

Tested and certified by independent laboratories to the highest standards. The UMF™ grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey and assures our honey is the best quality genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey.

To carry the UMF™ brand, the manufacturer or owner of the brand must hold a current UMF™ license with UMFHA (Unique Manuka Factor™ Honey Association). In addition, genuine UMF™ Manuka Honey complies with all five of the following criteria:

1. UMF™ is clearly stated on the front label

2. It is packed into jars and labelled in New Zealand

3. It is from a New Zealand company licensed by UMFHA to use the name UMF™

4. It has the UMF™ licensee’s name on the label

5. It has a rating of UMF™ 5+ or more

UMF Honey Association

Sustainable Business Network

We believe that conservation, communities and commerce should work in harmony to create a sustainable, healthier world. Which is why Bella New Zealand Mānuka Honey is a member the Sustainable Business Network and is dedicated to doing business in a way that respects our air, land, water, environment and most importantly our honey bees.

New Zealand Fernmark

Bella New Zealand Mānuka Honey has a licence to carry the New Zealand FernMark symbol, which is a mark of authenticity and trust.  The FernMark, is a trademark officially recognised and endorsed by the New Zealand Government, in recognition of a product’s connection to New Zealand and clearly communicates its country of origin to consumers around the globe.


Risk Management Programme (RMP)

We operate under a Risk Management Programme which is a written programme managed and verified by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.  The programme's purpose is to manage hazards, correct labelling and food safety associated with animal products in order to ensure fitness for the intended purpose and are based on the principles of HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Registered Export.

Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey is a registered official Exporter with the Ministry for Primary Industries.  As a registered New Zealander Exporter, we are able to apply for export certification which gives official assurances that our products comply with New Zealand regulations and export eligibility requirements.



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