Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey

Beautiful Bella New Zealand Manuka honey is lovingly crafted using premium honey, gathered directly from the native forests of New Zealand.

From across New Zealand’s rugged bush-clad mountains and ancient forests, our bees blossom on the nectar of the Manuka’s delicate pink flowers – their life force. Nurtured by beekeepers, our raw Manuka honey is sourced sustainably and only the very best is selected for Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey’s authentic natural honey.

Every batch of Bella New Zealand Manuka Honey is tested and certified by laboratories to the highest standards – a forever guarantee of the quality of our Manuka honey and its benefits. The UMF® mark is issued by an independent body set up to protect the integrity of Manuka honey – the UMF Honey Association of New Zealand (UMFHA).

We have spent generations farming the amazing land of New Zealand and over two decades producing honey to get to the place where our Manuka honey is so beautiful we had to call her Bella.

Like us, we hope that you embrace the magical qualities of New Zealand Manuka honey, and use one of nature’s superfoods as a healthy, luxury, whole food gift to nurture yourselves and the ones who you love.

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